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Students learning in the classroom in blue school uniforms. Teacher writing on the board.

Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is an open-enrollment, tuition-free public charter school system educating students from Pre-K to 12th grade on campuses across Newark, New Jersey.
Our mission is to prepare every student for college success.
In 2011, Great Oaks Charter School was founded in Newark, New Jersey. Since the beginning years of our operation, our school community has thrived. By 2018, the number of students attending our schools increased to nearly fourteen hundred. By merging with Newark Legacy Charter School in 2018, we became Great Oaks Legacy Charter School (GOLCS), and today GOLCS educates over 2,000 students across seven campuses.

Throughout our history, GOLCS has always focused on empowering Newark children to realize their academic and career potential. We ensure all children have the support they need - inclusive of resources that acknowledge and address systemic inequities - to excel in the classroom and in life.

The vision of GOLCS is for its graduates to lead Newark to become a transcendent city in our nation and world—a model city where all children have access to high-quality education that prepares every child to fulfill their dreams—dreams that further strengthen the moral, cultural, and intellectual fabric of Newark.